Take better iPhone pictures of diamonds by following these tips


In the case of diamond jewelry photography, image quality is important. One of the major attractions of a diamond is its unique color. A jewelry businessman must make sure that the photographs he is preparing for his customers have quality and uniqueness because most customers are concerned about this issue.

The majority of diamond photographs are taken with high-quality cameras. But some jewelry business owners have a limited initial cost, and they want to click pictures with their iPhones.

iPhone photographs actually need excessive amounts of post-production editing. As a result, when the diamond is finally delivered to the buyer, they feel satisfied. But in this case, if the picture is not polished with post-production, the picture will look dull and the diamond will lose its own authenticity. But by following a few simple steps, you will be able to click some eye-catching photos with your iPhone.

In this article, we will discuss if you want to click a diamond picture with your iPhone, then what precautions you need to take and how to take a picture of a diamond with your iPhone.

How to Take a Good Photograph with Your iPhone


1. Creating the Ideal Situation for Photographing

While clicking a diamond photo with an iPhone, creating context is important. Color-balancing, selecting a background, and using props are ideal examples of creating context. First of all, if we talk about color-balancing, nowadays, one thing is common in all smartphone cameras, and that is that they have an automatic color-balancing feature. 

As a result, the picture becomes whiter and the background becomes darker. This color-balancing procedure automatically changes the gesture of a picture. And this is also applicable to the iPhone as well. Because of this effect, a diamond lost its real spark.

So, to click a focus photo of a diamond, use the background so that the viewer can concentrate on the diamond. Moreover, you can use flat-lay photography techniques with props. The use of a specific color scheme as well as other branding elements using flat lays is a fantastic method to use.

2. The Best Usage of Lighting

When you are attempting to capture the perfect image of your diamond, lighting is one of the most important factors. This is applicable to all types of pictures. Although you might think that regular lighting will be perfect for diamond photography as well, in reality, this is not true.

Attempting to take a photo while standing in front of a diamond may create vertical and horizontal black stripes on your mobile device’s screen. This can make your shutter speed lower, so try to avoid taking pictures of your diamonds in such a setting.

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3. Use Natural Light

Using yellow halogen light will give your diamond a beautiful sparkling effect, but the picture will lose its quality. So, the best way to take a picture of the diamond is to stand near the window and allow natural light to fall on it while you take the picture.

If it’s dark or you’re in a room without windows, consider positioning yourself between two flashlights close to a white wall. This will allow you to take advantage of artificial light. This will cause the light to spread, resulting in a more consistent reflection on the large white surface.

4. Watch Tutorial Video

During the process of capturing a diamond, you could run into a lot of problems, and there is no guarantee that all of the photographers will be professionals. A photographer may come across a number of typical challenges, such as an image that is out of focus, underexposed, overexposed, etc.

So, if you want to figure out how to get past the problems, you can either look for how-to videos on YouTube or ask an expert for help.

If you want to perfectly portray the beauty of your diamond, you must remember that you are required to follow the guidelines, and another thing that is vital is to constantly maintain the lens clean. Both of these things should be kept in mind.

5. Use the Diamond Magnifying Lens

This is a more “difficult” procedure. When it is carried out precisely, it will give the most real findings. But if it is not carried out accurately, the results may not be authentic. You’ll need an iPhone with a front-facing camera, a diamond loupe, tweezers, and either a white or black background to use this effectively.

After setting up your phone, put the loupe over the front camera, and position the diamond using your fingers so that it is in the center of the field of view.

If you want to view the diamond’s true color, it’s best to have someone hold a white background behind it. This is extremely important if the ceiling is painted a bright color or there are light fixtures in the room.

Most of the time, the whiteness of the ceiling is all that’s required to show the diamonds’ true color. You can now take the picture after adjusting the exposure to your liking.

Tips for taking pictures with the iPhone

  1. Set the proper tone

In order to better showcase diamonds, jewelers often bring customers and their purchases to the store’s window display. Light from the sun is the best for diamonds.

  1. Find The Appropriate Angle

Depending on the shape of your main diamond, use various angles because it usually captures different shades, resulting in extra sparkle and an eye catchy look. Have some fun with it and try taking pictures from a variety of vantage points before settling on the one you like best.

  1. Put Your Jewelry On A Table

Keeping your jewelry on a table throughout the shooting will allow you to move about and get the shots you want without having to readjust anything. You may lay a necklace flat on a table and take a picture from above to get a good look at all the tiny details.

Furthermore, a table or other level, even surface will keep you from taking images with any distorted angles. Crooked images are distracting and unpleasant to look at, so you’ll need to spend some time fixing this.

  1. Be Sure You Use A Picture Stabilization Tool

Even if your smartphone has built-in image stabilization, you may want to use a tripod or other external stabilization gear to get the best results. Blurred, out-of-focus and unusable jewelry photographs are often the result of camera shake. 

Using a tripod helps solve this issue. The quality and height of the tripod legs, the materials used, and the head on which you may attach your iPhone are all important factors to think about when shopping for a tripod.

Some commercially available tripods include extra features that may help reduce or eliminate camera shake.

  1. Concentrate On The Zoom And Focusing Features

Customers don’t even need to read the product description if you have beautiful pictures of your items. In most cases, jewelry is too small or delicate to be photographed well. 

For optimal results, while photographing jewelry for online markets, you should always zoom in closer to the subject. To fix this, make sure your camera has lenses that can focus up close and pick up finer details.

Pictures of diamonds that are out of focus convey a message to potential buyers that the business doesn’t care about its brand. Avoid taking pictures of your jewelry with such poor quality.

Simply touching the screen will focus the iPhone’s camera on the touched area. This will keep the jewelry from looking out of place against the clean background. A customer’s attention may easily be diverted away from your website and toward a competing brand if the jewelry image is fuzzy or out of focus.

Take pictures of your jewelry from a distance of 1 to 2 meters and with an aperture setting of f/2.0 or higher using a smartphone.

Source: Beyond Photography
  1. Don’t Bother With The Flash

You won’t require a flash if you’re taking pictures outside in natural light. If you are unable to use natural light, for example, because it is nighttime, you should work toward getting as much artificial light as you can on your ring. The light from the flash will be too intense.

  1. Don’t Zoom Too Much

Adjust the focus of the photo by moving the phone around until it is in the desired position. If you zoom in on the photo, however, you will end up with one that is grainy and pixelated.


How do you take pictures of diamonds?

If you want to take a picture of a diamond, do it without using a flash. Capture the diamond’s perfect brightness, fire, and scintillation by using a mix of harsh and soft light. To get such results, it is best to utilize a powerful LED light angled at 45 degrees.

Bottom Line

The following tips are essential if you want to take professional-quality images of a diamond using an iPhone. If you follow these methods and tips, you may use your iPhone as a DSLR, so forget about the lack of a quality camera.

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