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The shoe photography idea should be something creative to attract customers in a positive way, but which ideas are the best? Let’s find out.

Shoe Photography Ideas [ 5 Top-Notched Ideas]


Nowadays, photography has become a big part of the product industry, especially in eCommerce. And shoe photography is one of them. Shoe photography may sound like a formal photo, but it could be fancy as well. A few ideas can be applied to showcasing shoes in front of customers.

Moreover, to get professional shoe photographs, the cameraman should follow some guidelines as well. In this article, we will talk about top shoe photography ideas and basic guidelines.

Top 5 Shoe Photography Inspirations

1. Setup With Shiny Shoes

Shoes come in different types and styles. But when it’s all about marketing or displaying in front of customers, showing shiny and colorful shoes is the best option.

There are plenty of alternative shoe choices that are even more dazzling. When shooting images of such shoes, be aware of your own shadow or reflection effect. When there are dark spots in a room, a mirror or bounce card can be utilized to spread the light around. 

In addition, shoe-glowing lighting should be employed if the shoes are significantly lighter.

2. Use A well Known Face for Shoe Photography

Having a model to represent your shoes is a good idea. It will provide a significant improvement over simply taking images of the shoes. Famous athletes, actresses, and musicians are often seen in ads for the most popular shoe brands today.

Famous athletes like Michael Jordan and David Beckham have campaigned for both Nike and Adidas. It’s not hard to imagine how this would eventually affect believers.

3. Do Not Lay Down Your Shoes

When displaying footwear, the front of the shoe should always be shown first. Don’t lay down your shoes unless you want to upset your customers.

You won’t find any personality, who will judge the shoe’s overall look by seeing only one side. So, rather than laying them flat, showcase them on hooks or stands. You’ll improve the quality of your images and gain some interesting new angles if you do that.

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4. Include  Some Activities

While selling shoes online, you can use moving visuals in addition to still shots. Photographing events and activities in motion is also feasible. While you’re at it, take pictures of different things while you run, walk, etc.

People who are concerned about the look of the shoe or confused about how the shoe will look after wearing it might want to buy your product by seeing bright and interesting moving pictures of your shoes, which will be beneficial for your business as well.

5. Stuff Your Shoes With Something

Flat shoes never look good while being photographed. To give your boots a little extra lift, you may use anything from a tissue to a bottle to a cloth. These will help the shoe stand upright by adding height and stability. As a bonus, you get a more athletic look from your footwear.

Guidelines for Capturing Amazing Images of Shoes

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to make your shoe photos look better.

  • Make Sure Your Shoes Are Prepared

To have a smooth shoot, you must plan for anything that could go wrong. But the shoes you select to wear will be the shows-topper of your whole getup. To draw attention to yourself in a busy setting, clean and shine your shoes.

  • Be Sure The Lighting Is Just Right When Displaying Your Shoes

Find the perfect spot between too much and too little light when setting up a photo shoot for shoes. This is because overexposure and underexposure can occur when shooting in bright light. Here are some suggestions for handling the problem of including the shoes in a shot while working with diffuse lighting.

  • Do Not Ignore Minor Details

A keen eye for detail is essential when photographing footwear. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing photos with high attention to detail. Gather several high-quality close-ups to serve as case studies in your schematics.

  • Purchase Professional-Grade Cameras and Lenses

Your camera and lenses are the only things that can affect the final quality of your shot. Whenever possible, a professional full-frame camera should be used to capture high-resolution images for commercial use that will be viewed by thousands.

Again, the specifics of your shot will determine the best lens for you to use. But you might not need the prime lenses since shooting shoes don’t require a shallow depth of field.

  • Modify Your Perspective

You can’t possibly have your photography get worse than a boring rating. You shouldn’t capture the same boring pictures of shoes over and over again, the same way you wouldn’t with any other subject in photography.

  • Choose a Simple Background

Changing the background of an image can have a dramatic effect on how it makes you feel. When deciding on a background, keep in mind that you want people to focus on the shoes themselves and not the setting.

One thing is certain: you won’t have to settle for a completely white screen. Alternate configurations are allowed so long as they are compatible with the shoe.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Shoe Photographs

If you want your shoe images to look professional, you’ll need to do some editing and retouching. Even if your photos seem great straight from the camera, you will almost certainly want to edit them in some way once you’ve uploaded them.

All the work and energy put in during production is recouped in the post-production phase. When taking pictures of items for an online shop, it is common to use a white background instead of the real one.

  • Position Your Shoes Carefully

Shoes should never be thrown carelessly on the floor or allowed to rest flat. A model wearing the shoes is essential for giving customers a sense of how they would look on their own feet. If you can’t locate a person to model the boots for you, you can always use some spare clothing or a thread to fill them up and make them look fuller.

Getting the wrong shoe size can be a major hassle. If the model’s feet aren’t comfortable in the shoes, the outfit will look off.

Do not settle on the model until you have checked that it fulfills all requirements. Scout around for a model with a long, lean, and appealing leg. A dirty, ugly foot could be disastrous for first impressions. Your sneakers’ backdrop color should not be overly dazzling. Uncomfortably, this will confound the buying public. For instance, flower arrangements and kittens make cute props but don’t go overboard with the gaudy colors and other decorations. Patrons will be redirected. Don’t take any images that are blurry if you can help it. 

Customers can’t get a real sense of the goods from blurry photos. If you want that picture-perfect shot, get the appropriate vantage point. An unflattering viewpoint won’t do your new shoe design any favors, no matter how amazing it is.

Bottom Line

A photographer can’t compromise on the method and strategy of shoe segmentation if he or she wants to take great photos of shoes. The concept behind a photo shoot should be incredible, including shoes. Moreover, a photo shoot of footwear should be as professional as any other product photography.


How do you take good pictures of shoes?

When a photograph is in soft focus, it makes it more difficult to make out the individual objects in the frame. Make sure to choose a larger aperture, such as f/11, on a DSLR camera to capture sharp images of the shoes from every angle. If you want the photos to be as sharp as possible, using a tripod is a must.

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